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    September 17, 2010
    6:00 - 6:30pm EDT  

catholic school children on the second day of his visit, london police were carrying out arrests of six men they say may have posed a threat to the pontiff. >> you can say that we're confident in the work of the police. >> authorities say five of the six men are street cleaners. acting on a tip, they were detained at a cleaning people during a raid. a sixth man was arrested at his home. pope benedict has been greeted by some friendly crowds, but there have also been protests. the biggest issue concerns the catholic church's priest sex abuse scandal. >> he is the pope. he refuses to open the vatican's files. >> the protests were expected, but this morning's threat was not. there is extra security. >> it is a safe environment for children. >> the pope says the church has failed to move quickly enough to remove pedophile priests.
>> it demands nothing less. >> one spokesman says the pope was informed of the arrest and remains calm. >> they do not know anything about the program of the pope or the security. >> the six detainees are believed to be algerian. they are being held on suspicion of terrorism. they have confirmed that britain is a higher security threat than other european countries. there will be high security for the rest of his visit. richard reeve, abc 7 news. tonight, an investigation has begun into a police-involved shooting near the capitol building. capitol police officers were forced to fire on a man who pointed a semi-automatic gun and refused to drop it. it happened at the intersection of 2nd and c.
the suspect is still alive. police are not releasing his identity, condition, or where he is being treated. the complex was locked down briefly during the incident. said a change we have breaking developments in the johns hopkins hospital shooting -- we have breaking developments in the hunt johns hopkins hospital shooting. the 911 call has been released. we are still going through the tapes. we will have more from them tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. meanwhile, there are new questions about whether the shooting at johns hopkins could have been prevented. the focus tonight -- security at a hospital. brad bell has been following the latest developments. what is the latest? >> we talked to the police
commissioner today. he says he has been going around with his staff about whether or not it could have been prevented. he says he just does not know. he also revealed that even though the ordeal lasted quite a while, the shooting was over in an instant. he believes the gunman shot the doctor, ran right back into his mother's hospital room, anshot his mother, then himself. a debate is ranging -- raging about whether or not yesterday's shootings could have been prevented. >> he set out to do something. nothing could have stopped him. >> they need to tighten it up. i think they should get metal detectors. >> johns hopkins rejected the notion of getting metal detectors at the entrances. they say it needs to be a place of hope and healing open to the public. the police commissioner echoed that thought and revealed that
his own mother is being treated there following a stroke. >> i have no concerns about her safety. >> he revealed that the alleged souter paul warren pardus was carrying a small -pocket a- shooter paul warren pardus was carrying a small pocket pistol which no one could have seen. >> a can be concealed in the palm of your hand. >> he says they will look at the clues staff might have missed. he had grown so distraught that he was willing to shoot his mother's doctor, his mother jean davis, and himself because of his mother's worsening condition. witnesses told police he yelled "it's your fault" before shooting dr. david cohen. the brothers said nothing -- the brother has said he did not see that coming. the police commissioner believes that security can always be
looked at again. there will be a very serious post-mortem on how things are handled. they have 400 members on their security force. the police commissioner wants to look and see if anything was said by the shooter to any member of the staff that could have been a clue. people should have been more sensitive to that. brad bell, abc 7 news. major developments in the effort to plug the oil well that caused the country's worst environmental disaster. in less than 24 hours, it could be sealed for good. bp plans to finish pumping mud and cement through the relief well. once that is done, the well would be considered permanently plugged. the blast killed 11 workers and lead up to 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf -- leaked up to 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf.
the family research council's fifth and will values boulders summit is taking place this weekend -- fifth annual values voters summit is taking place this weekend. a large part of the message is taking back control of the house and senate. christine o'donnell is also one of the speakers. >> the small elite do not get as. because what he. they call us we noing nuts. -- they call us wacky. >> sarah palin was not at the event. she was making an appearance in iowa. president obama named elizabeth warren as a special white house assistant to oversee the new consumer protection bureau. the agency's goal will be to crack down on deceptive practices by companies that issue credit cards, mortgages,
and other financial products. the naming has been controversial. some critics say that she was not nominated as the bureau's director. to avoid a potentially lengthy that was -- that was done to avoid a potentially lengthy confirmation fight. new developments in the family's civil lawsuit of that murder. who refuses to testify? a big winner in a different primary. mayor fenty is reacting to that victory. the world's biggest airline -- a major step forward. said the change i'm here in the belfort furniture weather center to the final weekend of summer is upon us. i have that and more coming up.
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[ man ] easy? easy. [ man ] great. call or click -- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. free is good. [ man ] freestyle lite test strips. call or click today. we have new details in the death of a civil attorney -. the defendants are pleading the fifth. they have invoked their fifth- amendment rights and do not plan to offer any written testimony and will likely not testify during the trial. he was stabbed to death in the home in 2006. the three men were acquitted of criminal charges of trying to
cover up the murder. he lost the democratic primary, but mayor adrian fenty won the republican primary as a write-in. he turned down the nomination tonight. according to our website, tbd.com, he would not have been able to accept. he was not a legally-registered republican before the primary date. the world's biggest airline has gotten clear off -- cleared for takeoff. continental's seo says that more than 98% of the company -- ceo says more than 90% of the company supported the merger. there will have 370 destinations in 59 countries.
a stinky problem -- you may have noticed an increase in stink bugs. we tell you had to get rid of them. we do not want to get rid of this weather. doug hill will have your forecast. the nationals get their new top prospect in uniform. the turks prepared -- terps prepare for their game. hey ella! hey.
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if you thought but bugs -- bedbugs were bad, there is a new pest in town. >> it is not nice having them there. >> they're not dangerous, but residents are raising a stink. >> there are quite a few of them. >> the stink bugs are trying to enter homes for the winter. here is what you can do to stop them. >> seal up the cracks and crevices that might allow them in three. -- entry.
>> prevention is key. if they are inside, use a vacuum. they came here from asia 15 years ago. they have become a problem over the last couple of years. it has gotten so bad that this control services have design strategies specifically tailored to stink bugs. >> we get a lot of calls about stink bugs. >> what they pose no threat, when frightened, they smell like an old carpet. when they fly -- >> it sounds like an airplane. you pull the troops back and there is a whole window -- drapes back and there is a whole window of them. of 14-mile path of destruction. 100 mile per hour winds downed trees, ripped off roofs, and turned over a tractor-trailer.
the national weather service is investigating whether a tornado might have touched down. hurricane karl is creating havoc in veracruz. the eye of the store made landfall -- storm made landfall. it is projected to go across central mexico, drenching mexico city. we need rain, but there is nothing in the forecast until next thursday. we will have sunshine for a little while. that is our roof off camera looking across the city. -- rooftop camera looking across the city. the skies have been clearing nicely. it was a cloudy day. temperatures were on the cool side. 75 degrees in annapolis. a northerly breeze.
73 in gaithersburg. i want to look at our stormscan. leon just reported on the hurricane in mexico. the rain will continue. igor -- top winds have decreased, but could get stronger. the big story will be when it goes close to bermuda, if not over the top of the island. the numbers are pretty impressive. numbers are climbing -- i said impressive because we had cloud cover for awhile. we got to 82 degrees. the morning low was 69 degrees. the pollen count -- two days running of moderate weed pollen. everything is on the way down. that is fortunate for those who suffer with seasonal allergies.
84 in fredericksburg. 83 in lexington park. everybody else's in the 70's. farther to the north, nice and clear. state college is 61. sunshine will continue over the weekend. very comfortable temperatures. the cloud cover is hanging tough. a cleared off during the afternoon. a few clouds farther north. it will be kind of chilly overnight but will warm up as high pressure builds in tomorrow. this little cool front will go through late sunday night and monday. the rain will stay well to our north. we will have a sunny, breezy day on monday. here's your we can forecast. sunshine, low-80's tomorrow. breezy, cooler on monday. another warming trend through the early part of next week.
the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> last week the skins faced one of the most hated teams in texas. this week in may be one of the best teams in texas. >> very well put. they will have their hands full when they will command a powerful houston texans. they bring in a potent and balanced offense along with a very tough defensive unit. the redskins struggle for most of the game last week against the dallas cowboys. they will have to do better this week. they are starting to get into a rhythm on offense. >> this is a good offense. we have good players. it is just a matter of time before we get it together and get this thing going. >> i think it is going to happen quickly. we can obviously take a lot out of that first game.
obviously there were some mistakes. there were a lot of positive plays. >> carlos rogers is once again in the position of defending his ability to catch a football. the second half of the game, he dropped that short intersection. he was in perfect position. he had to jump high, but he did not make the interception. >> i had to jump. there was a duck. some people understand. other people don't understand how balls are. i am pretty sure i will get another chance this weekend. >> ok. the 2-0 terrapins will take on #20 west virginia, mountaineers. they know how tough it is to play there.
>> it will get you fired up and motivated. it is going to be a good challenge for us to go on the road for the first time. we have not won a road game. it should be good for us. the nationals game -- bryce harper suited up for the first time today as a national minor league player. he is down south playing for the gnats in the florida instructional league. he has been looking forward to the opportunity. >> i want to exceed expectations for myself. it is about what i think and what i want to do. if i think i am doing well, i'm going to think i'm doing well. i want perfection out of myself. i want to be perfect. i know it is not going to be like that, but that is what i want. >> strive for perfection. said the changes don't worry --
the managers say goodbye. -- joe torre. the managers say goodbye. don mattingly will take over as manager next season. for the first time since 2006, michael vick will start at quarterback in nfl game. he was named the eagles' starting quarterback for their game in detroit this sunday. what a story michael vick has been over the last couple of years. >> it may be the redemption story of the nfl. >> he looked good last week. story of the nfl. >> he looked good last week.
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one store in california is serving of a twist to the basic banana split. this pot dispensary has created marijuana-and used by screen. it includes -- marijuana -- in fused -- marijuana-infused ice cream. it is like smoking eight marijuana joints. is for medical marijuana patients only. the weekend should be perfect. enjoy. >> that is it for us.

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